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netGauges Use Cookies

SeaSmart Gateway WEB interface contains a collection of links to predefined gauge layouts that can be modified to any custom configuration

Select the desired link from the Home page and return to Home Page by selecting the SEASMART link at the top of each page

Browsers must support HTML5. Custom page settings are saved in browser "cookies" so be sure that option is enabled in your browser

SeaSmart Gateways do not require a internet connection to use the embedded browser interface

netGauges Change Clock

The Clock Source and Style/Color can be modified using the Page Config Tab.

Not all clock sources are active on the NMEA 2000 Bus. SeaGauge is a custom option for SeaSmart Analog Gateways.

Use the Clock Source and Clock Color drop downs to make changes and Save Page to apply to stored cookie file

netGauges Change Background

Page Background Colors can be changed using the Page Config Tab.

Use either the preselected colors drop down or the interactive color picker to choose background.

Previews are applied immediately but must be stored to cookies using Save Page.

netGauges Change PGNs

Gauge PGN assignments can be applied instantly from live NMEA 2000 data.

Blank Dial faces indicate assigned PGNs are not currently being received

Select the desired gauge and choose the PGN Group, Parameter, and Instance Number.

Type in the Gauge label followed by tab key to apply changes. Also select the desired Units and Min/Max dial values using TAB to apply.

Finally, Save Dials to write to cookie file
netGauges Change DialFace

Individual Gauge Types can be selected from the Dial Type drop down found under the Dial Config Tab.

Select the desired gauge and choose from the options in the drop down.

Anytime a new Dial Type is selected, the page must be refreshed/reloaded using Save Dials.

Not all Dial Types apply to selected PGNs. For example, Wind Direction or Vessel Attitude require the appropriate PGN parameters.

netGauges Change Gauge Types

Dial Faces can be changed individually or as a group using the Dial Config tab after selecting the desired gauge.

Bezel Frame Design, Dial Background, Pointer styles and digital LCD colors can all be selected from drop down lists.

To apply changes from a selected dial, use the APPLY ALL button.

Finally, SAVE DIALS to write to cookie file.

netGauges Change Digital Dials

Gauge Styles can be modified from Pointer types to Digital Readouts with larger values.

Under Dial Config -> Dial Type, choose the Radial Full Text option.

Different Backgrounds, LCD Colors, and Frame Designs can be applied to individual dials or the whole group using Apply All.

Changes are written to Browser cookies using SAVE ALL.

netGauges Change Layout

Different gauge Page Layout options can be found under the Page Config Tab.

Gauges are arranged in a grid using the selected options. Strip gauges may be easier to view on smaller devices and using swipe gestures to scroll through the strip.

An increased number of gauges on a single page will slow initial load times

Layout changes are applied immediately but must be stored using SAVE PAGE.

netGauges Select Local Account

netGauges can be accessed directly from SeaSmart.net adapter's embedded Web Server by using the device local network address.

Enter the adapter address in the Browser to view the the Home Page then select the desired preconfigured layout.

Any of the four preconfigured layouts can be modified and saved if Browser Cookies are enabled.

Under the Accounts Tab, be sure the LOCAL option is selected to receive live streaming NMEA 2000 data from the adapter.

netGauges Select Server Account

netGauges can be accessed from the Cloud at www.helmsmart.net to view vessel data uploaded via PushSmart technology.

Enter the URL in any browser to access the Home page.

Log in to your HelmSmart account to access your stored devices.

 Then select netGauges to view live data streamed for the selected SeaSmart adapter to the Cloud Server.